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RockBuster® Water Well Drilling Machines

RockBuster® Water Well Drilling machines are fabricated right here in Jewett, Texas-USA.  The steel used on the frames and drill mast is sourced here in the USA.  Most of it from the steel mill located in our own little town of Jewett, Texas.   Standard engines are industrial Kubota diesel engines.   Hydraulics are high quality Danfoss pumps and motors.   All units have on board hydraulic powered Mud Pumps (on its own circuit).  The swivels are of high quality and can be repacked with seals and bearings when needed, and can handle water or air (up to 700psi).  These portable drilling machines have come a long way since we started manufacturing these RockBuster® rigs.  We also continue to look for new technology to implement into these units.  While relying a lot on feedback from past clients as well as industry experts.

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Water Well Drilling Rig
RockBuster RBI-200
Water Well Drilling Machine
RockBuster R100
Truck Mounted Drilling Rig
RockBuster R100T
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